Iraqi Army Journal

Last night talking with Lieutenant Ahmed and Major Salahh … they told me that if the Americans were running Iraq’s government the country’s problems would be solved in a year. They also said that Iraq is full of liars and corrupt people—especially the government. They said Iraqis, the Iraqis that count anyway (who they identified as the educated class, the doctors, engineers and teachers) want the U.S. to stay—weather they have guns or not. They said they (the Iraqi people) want the U.S. to stay forever. When I said it’s going to take 15 years to sort out Iraq’s massive infrastructure problems, they said they know Iraqis, and if it’s left to Iraqis, it will take 200 years. I called them on the histrionics behind that figure, and they said, ‘no, no bullshit. It’ll take 200 years.’ Almost all of the officers I’ve met here are unabashed, gringo-fellating lovers of the U.S.

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