The Godfather of Anbar Province

When the United States Marines leave Anbar Province, Iraq, the reigns of power will be assumed by a cagey and survivalist group of local leaders, sheiks, and military commanders that some call criminals and others call national heroes (it was those men who answered the call when sheiks across western Iraq called for a fight against Al Quaeda).

Mohammed Hussein Shaffir was a star student and soccer standout until a series of skirmishes with the Baath Party turned him into a criminal and a convict.  Today he’s a Colonel in the heavily armed Provisional Security Force and the most powerful man in the small Anbar town of Haditha.

Click on the picture below to see a video detailing the brief firefight that almost killed him and ended the life of a Baath Party official.

Mohammed Hussien Shaffir

Mohammed Hussien Shaffir

One Response to “The Godfather of Anbar Province”

  1. Scott Newton Says:

    How is my second home of Haditha? I have receved a couple of emails from some IPs but I would like to know how my good friend Faruq is doing. Any word? Stay safe.

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