Haditha, Anbar Province, Iraq

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haditha soldier
This is the first of many sets to come from the small Anbar Province town of Haditha. I stayed with the 3/7 Marines there, plus the mythical sheik, Colonel Mohammed Hussein Shaffir. In 2005 and 2006, Haditha was the capital of the insurgency. According to a Spanish reporter from El Mundo newspaper, the city was cut off from American forces during that time and ruled by Taliban-like law. Shaffir (according to reports from his own camp, as well as the U.S. Marine Corps) lead the fight to wrest control from Al Quaeda).

* * * *

Euphrates Fish Dinner

Sheherezad statue, Baghdad
Scheherazade statue, Baghdad
This photo op came about on a trip down to the Euphrates with my friends Ma’jida and Ammar– a fine pair of Baghdad journalists. We came across a well attended soccer game and the people there seemed curious about my presence– a Westerner– but had no problem with us taking pictures and showed me no ill will. The same was true when we stopped by a couple of local fish markets (carp out of the Euphrates is a treat throughout Iraq); the people were amicable and even had me sit down at their table. Later we went to another fish restaurant for dinner.

* * * *


Girl in Red

Girl in Red

The niece of my interpreter in the Anbar Province town of Bagdadi. For more pics from Bagdadi, click here.


2 Responses to “photos”

  1. Shawn a Hernandez Says:

    hey man what’s going on i was in iraq with you keep in touch okay and if you have a my space or face book let me know okay laters take care i’m currently in texas.

  2. Bryan Fraser Says:

    Great work Shane. I love the photo’s and the descriptive and insightful writings. Hope all is well!!

    Bryan and Sonja Fraser

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