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The War in Josh Back’s Head (Profile of Iraq soldier with PTSD, Cincinnati Magazine)

The Border Trilogy, Part 3 (Mexico’s narco world, San Diego Magazine)

The Border Trilogy, Part 2 (Mexico’s narco world, San Diego Magazine)

The Border Trilogy, Part 1 (Mexico’s narco world, San Diego Magazine)

An American Story (Profile of Marine Corps Colonel Patrick Malay, Buffalo Spree Magazine)

The Lore of Manny Lopez (Many Lopez Profile, San Diego Magazine)

Down and Out in Balboa Park (homeless article, San Diego Magazine)

A Sewer Runs Through It (the Bajagua debacle, San Diego Magazine)

Failed Expectations (substitute teaching story, San Diego Magazine)

Lady Dottie Sings the Blues (Blues singing Diva, San Diego Magazine)

Old School Poker (Chula Vista card room, San Diego Magazine)

A Smuggler’s Life (human smuggling in Baja California, San Diego Magazine)

Urban Cowboys (a day in the life of a tow truck driver, San Diego Magazine)

Destiny, Dynasty and the Copleys, Part I of II (story of the Union-Tribune, San Diego Magazine)

The Paper Chase, Part II of II (story of the Union-Tribune, San Diego Magazine)

The Fire Diary (wildfire coverage, San Diego Magazine)

Forgiving Tom Wolfe (chronicle of San Diego’s Pump House Gang, San Diego Magazine)

Soy Latino (a look at San Diego’s Latino community, San Diego Magazine)

The Devil and Gary Aguirre (Gary Aguirre’s battle with the SEC, San Diego Magazine)

Cynicism, Criticism and San Diego’s Redevelopment (investigation, Centre City Development Corporation, San Diego Magazine)

Saved by the Stripper (dancer turned evangelist, San Diego Magazine)

The Artful Ambassadors (Paint Night Group art circle, San Diego Magazine)

The Ring of Truth (female boxing star, San Diego Magazine)

The Testimony of Thomas Warwick (attorney profile, San Diego Magazine)

Stopping Traffic (human trafficking, San Diego Magazine)

The Other Circus (underground carny, San Diego Magazine)

The Harder They Fall (city hall investigation, San Diego Magazine)

Will Your Next Vote Count? (electronic voting investigation, San Diego Magazine)

A Church Divided (Catholic Church investigation, San Diego Magazine)

When the Barons Were Born (round table discussion with San Diego elders, San Diego Magazine)

Worlds Collide (electronic music meets organized crime, San Diego CityBeat)

Gang Land San Diego (gang violence investigation, San Diego CityBeat)

Gangland America (part two of gang violence investigation, San Diego CityBeat)

On Kerry’s Honor (story of a San Diego Swift Boat Veteran, San Diego CityBeat)

Who Is Jorge Hank Rhon? (profile of Tijuana mayor and reputed gangster, San Diego CityBeat)

In Full Bloom (feature profile of surfing phenom, San Diego CityBeat)

‘Twisted and Maniacal’: Hanging out at a Hillcrest taco shack with Greg Palast (San Diego CityBeat)

Deadly Force (a look at police training, San Diego CityBeat)

Don’t Believe the Hype (sharks off the coast of California, San Diego CityBeat)

Motley Crowd Protests Noisily Amidst Presidential Protection (protest coverage, San Diego CityBeat)

Bush Vs. Twain (theatre preview, San Diego CityBeat)

Have Paint Will Travel (graffity clean-up crew, San Diego CityBeat)

Getting it Right (education, San Diego CityBeat)

Great Expectations (Marine Corps job fair, San Diego CityBeat)

A Ray Street Time Capsule (San Diego CityBeat)

Put THIS in Your Article (band feature, San Diego CityBeat)

The Story of America (San Diego’s Chaldean community, San Diego CityBeat)

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